This course is divided into 6 modules, each module is divided according to their level of difficulty and subject.

Module 1 starts with the basic introduction of this course, Raspberry pi, and its applications, Basic Hardware setup, and Kali Linux configuration.

Module 2 is focused on network s...niffing and spoofing, It covers basic network scanning methods, common scanning tools like Nmap, Wireshark, and TCP dump.
it also covers how warding works and how to make one. some basic vulnerability assessments with Nikto and NSE scripts are also covered.

Module 3 focuses on gaining access to target machines via the network. you'll learn how to perform attacks like DNS Spoofing, Common vulnerability exploitation, and advanced concepts like Network pivoting. New tools like Powershell empire are also covered which is mostly used in Red Team Operations for creating undetectable backdoors.

Module 4 Wireless networks are always the main target for attackers as it is usually open to all. It starts with setting up raspberry pi for wireless attacks,
Capturing Wi-Fi handshakes, Cracking passwords, Rogue access points, Deauthentication attacks, and Hacking FM radio.

Module 5 This module is all about persistence on a target machine so that the attacker can come in and go out of the target's machine anytime. It starts with the use case scenarios of Raspberry pi Zero W, Creating own network backdoors, using P4wnP1 ALOA tool, HID attacks, Stealing credentials, and Injecting Metasploit payloads. These attacks are done with the help of physical backdoors which help to bypass network security very easily.

Module 5 After hacking it is always good to clear all logs and cover all tracks, in this module we have talked about how to destroy data from raspberry pi properly, using tools like Tor and proxychains for anonymous surfing, and little handy portable yet cheater tools for wireless attacks like network jamming. we also talk about Pi-Hole which is a great tool to get rid of unwanted contents like ads completely.

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You can find here the full syllabus of course: Raspberry pi for Ethical Hackers

1.001 Introduction to Raspberry Pi For Ethical Hackers
1.002 What Is Raspberry Pi And Its Application In Pretesting
1.003 Raspberry Pi Hardware Setup-1
1.004 Kali First Boot
1.005 VNC Setup
1.006 Lcd Display
1.007 Powering Raspberry Pi With Gpio
2.001 Network Scanning Basics
2.002 Network Scanning Practical
2.003 Nmap NSE Scripts
2.004 Working With Wireshark
2.005 Working With Wireshark Part 2
2.006 Working With TCP Dump
2.007 Introduction To Network Sniffing
2.008 Mitm Proxy bypassing HTTPS
2.009 Arp Poisoning Using Ettercap
2.010 Mac changer And Nikto
2.011 What Is War Driving
2.012 Creating Own Wardriving Tool
2.013 Using Kismet To Find Access points And Plot Data On Map
3.001 Setting Up Mutillidae And Dvwa
3.002 Dns Spoofing
3.003 Intro To Exploitation
3.004 Working With Metasploit
3.005 Exploiting Common Vulnerabilities In Metasplolitable
3.006 Targeting Windows Machine
3.007 Network Pivioting
3.008 Social Engineering Based Attacks
3.009 Working With Powershell Empire
3.010 Working With Zap Proxy
4.001 Understanding Wireless Security
4.002 Capturing Handshake Using Raspberry Pi
4.003 Hashcat
4.004 Rougue Access Point Attack
4.005 Setting Up Device For Rogue Ap
4.006 Airgeddon Demo
4.007 Wireless Network Jamming
4.008 Radio Hacking
5.001 Introduction To Backdoor
5.002 Setting Up Raspberry Pi Zero W
5.003 Creating Own Network Backdoor Part 1
5.004 Creating Own Network Backdoor Part 2
5.005 Installing P4wnp1 ALOA
5.006 P4wnp1 ALOA Dashboard
5.007 HID Attacks With Raspberry Pi Zero W
5.008 Stealing Credentials (Hashes) Using Raspberry Pi Zero
5.009 Metasploit Payload Injection With HID
6.001 ssh To Raspberry Pi Over Tor
6.002 Clearing Tracks And Destroying Sensitive Data
6.003 Using Proxy chains And Tor To Anonymize
6.004 Node MCU Deauther
6.005 Using Raspberry Pi Hole To Block Unwanted Ads And Domains

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